FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund–T2



FSGCO–A, FSGCO–D, FSGCO–ADV, FSGCO–T and FSGCO–T2 are closed to new investors.

Investment objectives

Generate an attractive total return with a secondary objective of capital preservation


FSGCO is an unlisted, closed-end fund. The fund invests primarily in global corporate credit, including loans, bonds and other credit instruments that companies use to finance their operations.


FS Global Advisor, LLC
An affiliate of FS Investments


Public offering price 1 (as of 9/13/2017) -
Net asset value 1 (as of 5/23/2018) $7.83
Annualized distribution rate 2 (based on net asset value) 5.24%
Annualized distribution amount -

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1FSGCO–T2's NAV per common share as of the date indicated is the NAV determined by FSGCO–T2 for purposes of complying with the requirements of Section 23(b) of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended, and has not been approved by FSGCO–T2's board of trustees. FSGCO–T2's NAV per common share may increase or decrease in the future and any such change may be material.
2The annualized distribution rate shown is expressed as a percentage equal to the projected annualized distribution amount per share (which is calculated by annualizing the regular monthly cash distribution per share as of the date indicated, without compounding), divided by FSGCO–T2’s net asset value per share as of the date indicated. The annualized distribution rate shown may be rounded. The payment of future distributions on FSGCO–T2’s common shares is subject to the discretion of FSGCO–T2’s board of trustees and applicable legal restrictions and, therefore, there can be no assurance as to the amount or timing of any such future distributions. The determination of the tax attributes of FSGCO–T2’s distributions is made annually as of the end of FSGCO–T2’s fiscal year based upon FSGCO–T2’s taxable income for the full year and distributions paid for the full year. Therefore, a determination made on an interim basis may not be representative of the actual tax attributes of FSGCO–T2’s distributions for a full year. The actual tax characteristics of distributions to shareholders are reported to shareholders annually on Form 1099-DIV.

Key facts*

Inception date 8/2/2017
Registered shares 1 million
Closed to new investors 10/11/2017
Total AUM 1 $2.33 billion
Number of portfolio companies 66
Floating rate assets 2 38% of portfolio
Distribution frequency 3 Monthly
Liquidity 4 Quarterly tender offers
Tax reporting Form 1099-DIV
*As of 12/31/2017 unless otherwise noted.
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1Total AUM represents the total assets of FSGCO. Investments in FSGCO are made indirectly through FSGCO–A, FSGCO–D, FSGCO–T, FSGCO–ADV and FSGCO–T2.
2Calculated as a percentage of fair value. Fair value is determined by FSGCO’s board of trustees.
3The payment of distributions on FSGCO–T2’s common shares is subject to the discretion of FSGCO–T2’s board of trustees and applicable legal restrictions and, therefore, there can be no assurance as to the amount or timing of any such distributions.
4FSGCO–T2 intends to repurchase a limited number of shares pursuant to its share repurchase program. FSGCO–T2 may amend, suspend or terminate its share repurchase program at any time. FSGCO–T2 will offer to repurchase common shares at a price equal to NAV per common share in effect on each date of repurchase; however, common shares will be subject to a contingent deferred sales charge if they are tendered within a certain period of time. See FSGCO–T2’s prospectus for additional information regarding the share repurchase program.
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Investments in FSGCO are made indirectly through FSGCO–T2, which invests substantially all of the net proceeds from its public offering in common shares of FSGCO. FSGCO is a separate non-diversified, closed-end management investment company that carries out the investment strategies generally described herein. An investment in FSGCO–T2 involves a high degree of risk and may be considered speculative. The following are some of the risks an investment in FSGCO–T2’s common shares involves; however, investors should carefully consider all of the risks discussed in FSGCO–T2’s prospectus, including the risk factors set forth under the heading entitled “Types of Investments and Related Risks,” before deciding to invest in FSGCO–T2’s common shares.

  • An investment in common shares is not suitable for an investor if they need access to the money they invest.
  • Shareholders should consider that they may not have access to the money they invest for an indefinite period of time.
  • Unlike an investor in most closed-end funds, FSGCO–T2’s shareholders should not expect to be able to sell their common shares regardless of how FSGCO–T2 performs.
  • If a shareholder is able to sell their common shares, the shareholder will likely receive less than their purchase price and the then-current NAV per common share.
  • Investors in FSGCO–T2’s common shares are subject to an annual distribution fee of 1.33% of the NAV of the shares, which will begin to accrue on November 1, 2017, the first full day of the first full calendar month following the final weekly closing in FSGCO–T2’s offering, and also will be subject to a contingent deferred sales charge if they tender their common shares for repurchase by FSGCO–T2 at any time prior to the third anniversary of the date on which the distribution fee begins to accrue. The maximum contingent deferred sales charge is 1.00%, which assumes a shareholder tenders his or her common shares prior to the first anniversary of the date on which the distribution fee begins to accrue.
  • Unlike most closed-end funds, FSGCO–T2’s common shares are not listed on any securities exchange and FSGCO–T2 intends to evaluate completing a liquidity event within seven years following December 12, 2013, the date on which FSGCO commenced investment operations. The distribution fee will terminate for all shareholders upon the occurrence of a liquidity event. As such, there may be a conflict of interest relating to the timing with which FS Global Advisor, LLC seeks to complete a liquidity event for shareholders.
  • To provide shareholders with limited liquidity, FSGCO–T2 intends to conduct quarterly repurchases of shares. Although FSGCO–T2 has implemented a share repurchase program, it may be discontinued at any time and only a limited number of shares are eligible for repurchase.
  • FSGCO–T2’s distributions may be funded from unlimited amounts of offering proceeds or borrowings, which may constitute a return of capital and reduce the amount of capital available to FSGCO–T2 for investment. Any capital returned to shareholders through distributions will be distributed after payment of fees and expenses, as well as the sales load.
  • FSGCO’s previous distributions to shareholders were funded in significant part from the reimbursement of certain expenses, including through the waiver of certain investment advisory fees, and additional support payments that may be subject to repayment to FSGCO–T2’s and FSGCO’s affiliate, FS Investments, and FSGCO–T2’s and FSGCO’s future distributions may be funded from such waivers, reimbursements or payments. Significant portions of these distributions were not based on FSGCO’s investment performance, and such waivers, reimbursements and payments by FS Investments may not continue in the future. If FS Investments had not agreed to reimburse certain of FSGCO–T2’s or FSGCO’s expenses, including through the waiver of certain advisory fees payable by FSGCO, and provide additional support payments, significant portions of FSGCO’s distributions would have come from offering proceeds or borrowings. The repayment of any amounts owed to FS Investments will reduce the future distributions to which FSGCO–T2’s shareholders would otherwise be entitled.
  • Even if FSGCO does eventually list its shares, shares of closed-end funds frequently trade at a discount to NAV, and this creates a risk of loss for investors who purchase shares at the offering price. This risk is separate and distinct from the risk that FSGCO–T2's NAV will decrease.
  • FSGCO’s investments in securities and other obligations of companies that are experiencing distress involve a substantial degree of risk, require a high level of analytical sophistication for successful investment and require active monitoring.
  • FSGCO’s investments in various types of debt securities and instruments may be secured, unsecured, rated or unrated, are subject to non-payment risk, and may be speculative in nature. 
  • Below investment grade instruments (commonly referred to as “high yield” securities or “junk bonds”) may be particularly susceptible to economic downturns, which could cause losses. 
  • FSGCO may invest in illiquid and restricted securities that may be difficult to dispose of at a fair price.
  • FSGCO’s use of leverage could result in special risks for FSGCO’s shareholders, including FSGCO–T2, and can magnify the effect of any losses.
  • Investments in certain securities or other instruments of non-U.S. issuers or borrowers may involve factors not typically associated with investing in the United States or other developed countries.
  • Securities or other instruments of non-U.S. securities may be traded in underdeveloped, inefficient and less liquid markets and may experience greater price volatility, illiquidity and changes in value.
  • FS Global Advisor, LLC and certain of its affiliates may experience conflicts of interest in connection with the management of FSGCO.
  • FSGCO–T2 has no operating history and FSGCO has a limited operating history and are subject to the business risks and uncertainties associated with any new business.

  • FSGCO seeks to achieve its investment objectives by focusing on a limited number of opportunities across the investment universe.

Corporate governance

FSGCO Q1 2018 quarterly shareholder call replay

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