FS Credit Real Estate Income Trust

A differentiated way to generate income by investing in commercial real estate across the U.S.

Time to reframe real estate allocations

Centering on commercial real estate debt to provide:

  • Income: Invests with a primary objective to generate income
  • Preservation: Focuses on managing volatility and preserving capital
  • Diversification: Complements a traditional portfolio and existing real estate allocation

FS Credit REIT is suitable only for eligible long-term investors because the investment has limited liquidity. Distributions are not guaranteed and may be funded from return of capital or offering proceeds. Carefully review these and other risks at the end of the video. Commercial mortgage loans are illiquid and may not have a secondary market. Consider the key risks before investing. While commercial mortgage loans are typically secured by a first-priority mortgage, they are subject to the risk of default. There is no assurance that commercial real estate investments will provide regular, stable distributions.

Timely opportunity

Here’s why we think now is the right time to invest in commercial real estate debt.

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    U.S. commercial real estate debt outstanding1



    annualized distribution rate for FS Credit Real Estate Income Trust–Class I2

Tax reform

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 introduced a change to the taxation of ordinary REIT dividends.3

  • REITs are generally not taxed at the corporate level to the extent they distribute all of their taxable income as dividends.
  • The tax law provided a 20% deduction on ordinary REIT dividends.
  • As a result, REIT investors receive higher after-tax income compared to the prior tax law.



Distribution rate


Tax-equivalent distribution rate4

Assumes a 37% tax bracket

The information displayed in the tax reform section has not been approved for use by the state of Ohio.

The portfolio

FS Credit Real Estate Income Trust invests primarily in floating rate senior loans secured by commercial real estate properties across the U.S.

Investing in commercial real estate debt may offer a differentiated way to invest in real estate and provide an alternative source of income and diversification at a time when both are hard to find.

FS Credit Real Estate Income Trust seeks to generate an alternative source of income, preserve capital and realize long-term appreciation.

Industry-leading managers

FS Investments has extensive experience designing and managing institutional-quality funds for the broader investing public, and Rialto provides a distinct competitive advantage as a leading real estate investment manager.

Rialto Capital Management is a real estate investment and asset management company with a competitive advantage through its access to information.

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The properties

FS Credit Real Estate Income Trust invests across property types and geographies in the U.S.

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