Lara Rhame

Lara is Chief U.S. Economist and Managing Director on the Investment Research team at FS Investments, where she analyzes developments in the global and U.S. economies and financial markets. Her fresh take on macroeconomic issues helps to inform and develop the firm’s long-term views on the economy, investment trends and issues facing investors. Lara is committed to the Philadelphia community and serves on the boards of the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia, Hyperion Bank and Starr Garden Park.

COVID-19 and the impact on the U.S. economy

In this note, we attempt to measure the immediate impact of specific industry shutdowns as well as outline uncertainties around knock-on effects on consumer spending, business investment and efficacy of government stimulus.
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Leaving LIBOR

The global financial market is transitioning away from LIBOR – a momentous prospect that has raised questions, challenges and concerns. We look at the basics of the current LIBOR rate and usage, the steps underway to introduce a replacement, and what comes next.
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