Lara Rhame

Lara is a Director of Fund Strategy at FS Investments, where she analyzes developments in the global and U.S. economies and financial markets. Her fresh take on macroeconomic issues helps to inform and develop the firm’s long-term views on the economy, investment trends and issues facing investors. Lara is committed to the Philadelphia community and serves on the board of Starr Garden Park and has been involved with BalletX, a contemporary ballet company.

Video: What are you really buying?

Major stock indices hang near their all-time highs, while the number of public U.S. companies has plunged since the mid-1990s. What do these diverging trends mean for investors’ portfolios?
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Video: Iceberg, right ahead!

There’s a glacier out there. It isn’t going to sink your boat, but it is sitting in the middle of the household balance sheet, freezing the income on savings.
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Beyond the election

For the second time in only a few months, a major voting decision has delivered an unexpected result. The victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election was largely unexpected and, following the old adage that “markets don’t like uncertainty,” may cause a global spike in volatility.
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“Easy” is relative

The Fed has made it clear it plans to follow December’s rate hike with further “removal of policy accommodation.” But just how much accommodation is there left to remove?
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