Mike Kelly

As Co-President & Chief Investment Officer of FS Investments, Mike looks to the future of investing trends, constantly exploring new alternative investment strategies. He oversees the firm’s investment management, product development, capital markets, due diligence and investment research functions. Mike gives back by serving as a board member of Invest in Others and the Spotlight Foundation, which he co-founded, and previously served as a trustee of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Trust.

Investing in alternatives for a well-diversified portfolio

Volatility roared back in the first half of 2018, offering a powerful reminder of the impact that swings in the market can have on investors’ portfolios. Building a well-diversified portfolio can help investors navigate volatility to avoid extreme losses. Gain insight from CIO Mike Kelly and Dr. Vinay Nair of 55ip on how alternatives can help diversify a portfolio and how investors can find the right alternatives to meet their goals.
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Why rising rates may not lift your income

Traditional fixed income investors may feel they’ve been lost in a low-yield wasteland. But with improved global growth and the expected Fed rate hike trajectory, some may assume the struggle for income is coming to an end. Read this article from Chief Investment Officer Mike Kelly, which simplifies the complicated connection between interest rate hikes and current income.
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Embracing energy market volatility

Energy investing means expecting – and even exploiting – volatility. Knowing how to take advantage of opportunities across energy market cycles can help investors meet their long-term goals. CIO Mike Kelly explains how to make the most of volatility.
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Left behind

Today technology allows companies to do more with less. However, the extraordinary rate of change can expose a gap between those that seize new opportunities and industries grappling to keep pace.
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Income IS the outcome

We’re expected to live much longer than our parents and grandparents. That’s great news. Yet, it begs the question, how do we pay for it?
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