Robert Hoffman

As Executive Director of Investment Research, Robert leads the team that analyzes the fundamentals behind market movements, macroeconomic trends and the performance of specific industries – as well as their potential impact on investors. His nearly two-decade tenure in the financial services industry includes experience as a loan portfolio manager and senior credit analyst focused on corporate loan issues. Robert serves as the firm’s primary subject matter expert on the corporate credit markets and select alternative investment solutions, developing targeted communications and educational resources.

Q4 2019 Corporate credit outlook: Running in place

Despite slowing, the fundamental backdrop underlying the corporate credit market remains supportive heading into year end. In this report, Robert Hoffman outlines his expectations for positive, primarily income-driven returns for HY bonds and senior secured loans this year.
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Crossroads or cruisin’?

Corporate credit markets delivered solid returns until equities sunk and the yield curve inverted in May. Now they appear poised to provide positive returns through year-end. Our Investment Research team explores what’s behind this reversal and where risks lie over the second half of the year.
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Credit fundamentals

High yield EBITDA and revenue growth | High yield leverage and interest coverage | Loan market EBITDA and revenue growth | Loan leverage and interest coverage
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Spread environment

High yield bond spreads | Senior secured loan spreads | Yield gap: High yield bonds vs. Senior secured loans
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Is now the time to invest in high yield?

To help answer the question, “Is now the time to own high yield?,” Robert Hoffman looks at the current fixed income environment as well as the performance of high yield and traditional core fixed income assets over previous market cycles.
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