• Q2 2018: growth is climbing, income still challenged

    Today’s economic landscape may challenge the performance of traditional investments going forward. Recent positive cyclical momentum looks set to continue for some time, but long-term structural headwinds remain firmly entrenched. Despite strong growth, low interest rates could challenge investors throughout 2018 and beyond.
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    FS credit market commentary

    MARCH: Benefiting from their floating rate coupon and position at the top of the capital structure, senior secured loan prices remained relatively steady in the face of rising short-end U.S. Treasury yields and a decline in U.S. equity prices. Investments with lower durations, such as senior secured loans, have outperformed thus far in 2018 and may display lower levels of volatility if short-term interest rates rise further.
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    FS energy market commentary

    MARCH: While business fundamentals for the energy sector remain generally supportive, investor sentiment, especially for MLP and midstream equities, remains particularly negative. This has resulted in historically cheap valuations for energy infrastructure.
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