Announcing the quarterly repurchase offers for FS Investments' non-traded Funds

Current investors in the Funds listed below will receive repurchase documents in early September. While most investors will receive physical copies in the mail, those investors who have elected electronic delivery will receive their documentation via email. The quarterly repurchase offers are scheduled to expire at 3:00 p.m. Central Time on September 27, 2017.

For your convenience, links to the documents for funds conducting a repurchase offer can be found below:

FS Energy and Power Fund (FSEP) 

FS Investment Corporation II (FSIC II) 

FS Investment Corporation III (FSIC III) 

FS Investment Corporation IV (FSIC IV) 

FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund–A (FSGCO–A) 

FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund–D (FSGCO–D

FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund–T (FSGCO–T) 

FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund–ADV (FSGCO–ADV) 

As a reminder, these documents must be properly completed in order for investors to tender their shares, subject to the maximum aggregate number of shares a fund will repurchase, at the price described in the tender offer documents. Subject to the limitations contained in each Fund's tender offer documents, all properly completed repurchase requests are expected to be processed in October 2017.

If your clients have no desire to tender their shares, they may disregard these materials.

The tender offers do not constitute an offer to buy or the solicitation of an offer to sell securities in any circumstance or jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation is unlawful. Each tender offer is being made solely pursuant to terms and conditions set forth in the applicable offer to purchase and the related letter of transmittal. Investors are strongly encouraged to read carefully the applicable offer to purchase and the related letter of transmittal, including any documents incorporated by reference therein, which are filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

For more information please call our Client Relations team at 877-628-8575.